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Computer Troubles Pt. 17

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Ok, so once again I've stumbled upon computer troubles while in China. I still fail to see the irony that whenever I bring my computer back to its place of origin, it refuses to work properly. This time I am under the impression that it is a failure of the motherboard (of course), which means that the part must be ordered from the factory across the border (of course), thus meaning that I will have to wait two weeks until my computer is usable again (of course!). I really don't know what I did or which Communist leader I offended to have this happen so frequently, but I know that the next time I come here, no computer will be broughten.

This being the case that no computer=no work, I spent the better part of my day on Sunday hunting for the cheapest possible computer I could find, and came across one that was merely HKD 3,000. Oh, did I mention that it's the size of a breadbox? This makes it quite difficult for my Frankenstein-esque hands to type, and in the morning, when they haven't quite reached the signal from my brain to resume normal functions, I resort to typing with my knuckles. After thousands of years of evolution, I find that the best way to deal with technology (early in the morning) is with not your fingers nor your opposable thumbs, but with your knuckles. I will take a moment to let you bask in my brilliance...Ok times up!

This weekend turned out to be quite nice in spite of the 'black thunderstorm' that hit earlier on in the week allowing me to leave work a whopping 15 minutes early. They call them black thunderstorms because, by golly, wouldn't you know it, it's black outside! AND, it's a thunderstorm!! I'm actually falling in love with the blissfully obvious naming process Hong Kong goes through with places and events. It's almost too simple. Anyways, I spent the evening watching TV guessing what the dialogue was because the rain crashing down on the window-unit air conditioners amounted to that of a miniature battle scene in my bedroom. Turns out any Vin Diesel movie is much more entertaining without the dialogue. Who knew?

On Saturday, I took a ferry out to one of the outlying islands called Lamma island. This island is awesome because there are NO cars on the island, and the only way to get from one of the two inhabited tourist traps to the other is by walking or biking along a narrow foot-path. It was extremely relaxing and the perfect day for a little island adventure. Did some swimming, reading, napping, staring at awkward Chinese beach-goers, nothing really out of the ordinary. After finishing a spate of Kazuo Ishiguro books I've finally moved on after finding another "90% Off Sale" at one of the local bookstores. Either no one here likes to read, or the turnover rate for these bookstores is unheard of.

In all honesty, I can't think of much more to report. That's why I didn't write anything last week cause nothing really stood out, and I can't really remember what happened. Work has been chugging along, but it looks like my boss has one big project in store for me before I leave. Something about assassination and Communism and secret mission or something or other, I can't really be to sure. It was about Noon and I still wasn't quite awake.

Well, that's pretty much all I can type on this Munchkin computer before my fingers start to cramp. I'm hoping that I get my computer back before I leave, but I'm sure it'll time out so that I have to run and get my computer on the day of my departure, screaming into the gate as the plane gets ready to leave. Wouldn't have it any other way.

Still chewing over what the hell happened in the last 20 minutes of '2001: A Space Odyssey',

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never thought to type with my knuckles!

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