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The title is a term Elysia and I came up with to embody our weekend adventures in Singapore. It's a pretty self-explanatory portmanteau, but I'll describe the weekend in detail to help clear things up.

So I fly into the Singapore airport on Friday, and upon meeting Elysia and exchanging hugs, a box of Martabak (pronunciation: Mar-ta-bak) is thrust into my hands with the loving command, "Here." I couldn't have been happier. For those of you uneducated in the cuisines of Southeast Asia, Martabak is a sweet Indonesian snack that is basically two pancakes with chocolate and cheese in the middle. And by George, is it delicious! Apparently pounds of butter are used on the pancakes and gobs of cheese and chocolate are sprinkled in the center, then baked. According to Elysia, it is better warm, but I had no problem topping off a layer of the supposedly inferior room-temperature Martabak. We were off to a great start.

After dropping our things off at her house, we make our way to Orchard Road, which is the beating heart of Sinapore. It is a string of mall after mall after mall that in some instances, does not require you to see the light of day, if you choose. We zeroed in on the food courts and devoured some Asparagus-filled Pork washed down by some Teck Kee Pau (pronunciation: Teck-Kee-Pau), which is basically a barbecue pork-filled bun. Still not quite full yet. From there we made a beeline for a supposedly delicious tiramisu at the Hyatt Hotel. Alas, I was never to know the wonder of this famed tiramisu as it was not available. We had to settle for Strawberry Cheese Cake and Chocolate Cake. I will accept your pity for us at this juncture.

Later that day, we met up with Elysia's mom and went to a Northern Chinese cuisine restaurant, where we ordered Jia Jiang Mian (noodles), Jiaozi (dumplings), Xiao Long Bao (soup dumplings) and Baicai (vegetables). It was like going to a gym for your stomach. My digestive tract has never faced such a challenge nor had this intense of workout since I've been in Hong Kong, though I fortunately warmed-up well enough that I didn't cramp. I did, however, hit a wall after finishing my noodles, veggies, and my 23rd dumpling. That being said, dinner had satiated (what is with these big words?) my food appetite, but my sweet tooth was roaring for some action. We made our way back to Orchard Road, (walking, so as to be able to fit into our clothes the next day) and helped ourselves...ok, ok, ok helped MYself to Frozen Yogurt and a heaping pile of Mango Snow Ice. This would be my final spectacle of the day.

After making it back in a coherent state of mind and lasting long enough to make it to the bed before entering my food coma, we started off the day early (9am) with a classic Singapore breakfast of Toast covered in Peanut Butter, Coffee, two Soft-Boiled Eggs and a slice of Banana Cake. We then proceeded to purchase tropical fruits that are hard to come by in America like Dukus (pronunciation: Du-kus), Passion Fruit (pronunciation: Pa-ssion-Fruit), and Mangosteens (pronunciation: Man-go-steen-s). As it turns out, all 3 have either a high staining capacity or high in sap quantity, but by some stroke of Providence I was able to pass by unscathed. Ben vs. Spilling on Self--1:236. Baby steps, baby steps. We later had the famed Singaporean Chicken Rice with cool Soymilk, and after meeting up with Elysia's sister, began the most excruciating and most pleasing leg of my Singaporean Foodcation.

We got Cream Puffs, Mochi, Rice Burgers, Popcorn, Thai Food, Carrot Cake (not the kind you're thinking of), and other foods that I know we had but am currently forgetting. It was a most glorious and concurrently exhausting afternoon. I've never been that full, happy, and tired at the same time for such a prolonged period of time. It certainly was a unique experience, and a type of vacation that I'm going to have to look into seeking out while I'm in America. Gone are the days of vacations or stay-cations, trips in order to sight-see or just straight-up travel. No, for me, I will only vacation on vacations centered around food. Yes--the Foodcation. Events planned will be according to breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with any side outings revolving around snacks. Midnight munching is required and the less amount of physical mobility the better. While not necessarily healthy or smart--oh who am I kidding?! It's practically the best thing you can do for yourself. Therapy by food. Or is it food by therapy? Does it really matter? As long as there is food, and vast amounts of it, it can't get any better than that.

Quite literally still processing the weekend,

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way to call ME a fatty! how do you fit all that food in your stomach!??!

also, I'm just extremely jealous of your foodcation and I probably just drooled a little reading your food descriptions

by Jess

Ben - is it time to come home?

by Dad

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH Ben!!! That stretch out gut will get you in multiple ways! Do come home! Gong

by Gong/Bop

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