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all seasons in one day 3 °F

Ok, so I uploaded a few hundred photos, so you can check them out. Start at the very end and work your way to the beginning. I've only added captions to the Great Wall section, so I'll work on the other ones in time. Due to the fact that I can only speak (and usually write) English on the weekends, updates will be weekly, but if something cool happens, I will post it. But nothing probably will, so you're not missing much. Anyways, I'll also update some more photos this weekend, and we'll go from there. Also, if you can think of anyone who is mildly interested in my time in China/has time to kill, please direct them to this site, if just for sheer enjoyment. Also, as Facebook has been blocked, I have no way in getting contact with some of you, so this could suffice for the time being. Thank you.

Missing the First Amendment,

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Never thought this would happen...

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Wow! I found a place to post a blog! Who knew that China would allow such a thing? Or that I could be technologically proficient enough to do so? Anyways, I'm writing this to let all of you (2, maybe 3, family not included) how my summer was, and hopefully post some pictures. I have to first figure out how this website works, and then I'll write some more. But first, Welcome!, and I hope I can use this to share some of my time here in China.


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